Storage Ideas for Your Backyard Tools & Equipment

A cluttered back patio can be unsafe and unsightly, These storage ideas for your backyard tools & equipment will get you on track!

A cluttered back patio can be unsafe and unsightly, especially if you have a special needs child or little ones running around. And yet, the last thing you feel like doing after a hard afternoon’s yard work is fussing with putting away tools.

Storage Ideas for Your Backyard Tools & Equipment

That push broom is perfectly fine leaning against the house. After all, you’re going to use it again tomorrow, right after you mow the rest of the lawn. This means you might leave the mower out as well since the tool shed is as cluttered as the yard.

Maybe there’s a better way like stylish metal storage from ShelterLogic or the other options we will discuss below. Check out these storage ideas for your backyard tools & equipment.

Tool Shed Organization

The key to good backyard storage is organization. Tool sheds are excellent at hiding all your yard equipment, but they don’t come with an organized design on the inside.

You’ll get a shelf or two, and that’s it. An empty box with a couple of shelves is not an excellent way to make the best storage area. The vertical space between the tallest thing on the shelf and the ceiling is completely wasted.

Remove at least one of the shelves and make use of all that wall area. Any yard tool with a handle can store on a wall hook or railing. It also prevents the tools from getting piled on top of each other.

Smaller hand tools and garden gloves can store in the pockets of a hanging organizer. Again, they won’t be in a pile on a shelf, and they’re quick and easy to access.

Any hand tool with a hole at the end of its handle can store on an s-hook, attached to a wall or railing. Speaking of which, the least expensive bathroom towel bars make great looking storage railings. With one towel bar and some s-hooks, you can store a dozen hand tools with easy access, taking up zero shelf space.

The Hose Reel

You have a hose caddy, and it works fine. But it still looks like a rolled-up hose. Why not cover it? Fabric hose reel covers are available at all the prominent home and hardware stores and will make your hose disappear into the architecture.

Why settle for a fabric cover? Get a metal, fiberglass, or wood hose bin specifically designed to be functional and decorative. And since these can have a horizontal top surface, they can also be a table. Your hose storage box can hold a decorative plant, it can be a drink table, it won’t look like a hose, and it remains fully functional.

Storage Underneath

If you have a raised gazebo or deck, remember there is storage space to be had underneath it. A low cart with wheels is a convenient way to store yard supplies and stays out of sight when not in use.

A canvas curtain or hinged latticework panel provides an extra disguise. The space under the back porch also works.

Skinny Shed

Many people don’t think they have the space for a shed. But a lawnmower and a wheelbarrow can fit in a narrow shed, 3 feet wide and 5 feet long.

These compact storage solutions can attach to the side of the house, making a minimal footprint. And your mower and wheelbarrow were taking up that walkway space anyway, so why not safely store them?

Storage Ideas for Your Backyard Tools & Equipment

With a little organizing and a little creativity, your landscaping tools can be out of sight and protected. And your backyard will be a safer place for everybody.

By The Mom Kind

Alicia Trautwein is an Autism advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mom of four. Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. Her life’s mission is to educate on autism acceptance and change the world for future generations of autistic individuals.

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