Speech Blubs- The Speech Therapy App for Kids

Speech therapy is one of the very first in early intervention for autism.  The same goes for a multitude of diagnoses such as Down syndrome, Apraxia, Speech Delays and more.  Speech therapy is extremely important, but the wait lists can be long and the therapy quiet expensive.  Add to the equation that therapy isn’t always fun for the kids, and we’ve got a real struggle on our hands.  It is from this dilemma Speech Blubs was born.  Speech Blubs is a fun and interactive app for children needing speech therapy.

Speech Blubs gradually encourages children to generate new sounds, using facial recognition technology.  This encourages your child to mimic what they are seeing. Speech Blubs is even being used by speech therapists as a complementary tool to their own work with children.

Speech therapy is one of the very first in early intervention but wait lists are long & therapy expensive. Speech Blubs solves both of these!

How does Speech Blubs work?

This exciting and interactive app works by having children mimic the sounds and behaviors of other children.  Children learn best by imitating other children, which is the key to this app’s success.  Each section includes different sound types, other children to mimic, and even Snap Chat like filters to make it even more fun!

There are over 22 sections, totaling more than 1500 activities to keep your child learning.  Not only does your child learn speech, they learn emotions.  For autistic children, this is a huge bonus!

Its voice activated!

One of the cool things about Speech Blubs is that it is voice activated.  Each game has a progress bar on it that is activated when your child tries to make the sounds.  Though this is a great motivation for some children, it might stress others out.  Because of this, there is a setting to turn this off as well.

After the child completes enough tries to fill the progress bar, a book pops up.  In this book is a cool fact about what they are speaking.  For example, if they are making a Hiss for Snakes, the book will read off a fun fact about snakes.  This keeps the child interacting and wanting to do more!

Speech Blubs Free Trial

If you are curious about Speech Blubs but want to make sure it right for your child, check out their 7-day FREE trial.  You’ll get full access to everything and plenty of time to test it out!  To download your app today, just click here!


Alicia Trautwein is an autism parenting coach living in Missouri. She is the creator behind The Mom Kind, a website dedicated to parenting neurodiverse families.  She is featured in the "Amazing Moms" coffee table book by Hogan Hilling & Dr. Elise Ho.  She shares her expertise along with her experience in parenting children, both with and without autism.

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