Solutions to the Challenges in Keeping Your Child Healthy

Here are some of the most common challenges all parents struggle with in keeping their children healthy, with some tips and tricks to overcome these problems. #parentinghacks #parentingtips #parentingadvice

As a parent, all you want in the world is to keep your children safe and healthy. But as kids are, this sounds easier said than done. There are many Challenges in Keeping Your Child Healthy

Children can’t tell yet what’s right or wrong. Relatively, they don’t know which foods are right for them and which will give them a toothache. They don’t know which activities are safe. They will taste anything that captures their fancies, even those they just picked up from the ground.

Solutions to the Challenges in Keeping Your Child Healthy

Here are some of the most common challenges all parents struggle with in keeping their children healthy, with some tips and tricks to overcome these problems. #parentinghacks #parentingtips #parentingadvice

Raising children is truly not a walk in the park. Here are some of the most common challenges all parents struggle with in keeping their children healthy, with some tips and tricks to overcome these problems.

“They’re such picky eaters!”

Toddlers are notoriously known for being picky eaters. It’s normal, but you just can’t let them eat the same unhealthy food all the time. The truth is that many toddler-feeding issues are just power struggles. At this stage, kids have come to learn that they have control over what they eat. They will use this to their advantage by making demands. That is, by asking for the same thing over and over again.

Another thing that toddlers are suckers for is repetition and routine. Just as they love hearing the same stories time and again, they also love having the same meals.

There is no need to play enforcer during such mealtime dramas. Instead, give your children what they want together with some healthier options. For instance, you can pair mac and cheese with some peas or carrots. Or add some beans alongside their french fries. They may still reach for their faves, but they will at least taste new food.

“They’re not like other kids.”

As kids grow, they will reach certain milestones in how they speak, play, learn, and act. Although not all children grow and develop the same way, these milestones will guide you on how they should be acting their age.

For instance, most one-year-olds can already sit up by themselves or pull up to stand. If your child does not crawl at this stage yet, this could be a cause for concern. You should be able to know these growth and development milestones to detect if your child is delayed in a particular area. You should tell your doctor if you notice any signs of developmental delay. The earlier you act on it, the earlier your child’s condition can be addressed and treated.

“I can’t keep them under control.”

Toddlers are at the age where they explore just about anything they see. Kids can go about running and playing to their heart’s content. Take steps to make sure your children are safe during these activities, whether it be at school, in your car, or your own home.

Always check your child’s classroom, playground, or canteen to see if there are safety and health hazards present. Communicate with school authorities for any concerns. To keep your children safe in the car, always put them in car seats appropriate for their age. At home, make sure to get rid of clutter, and keep hazardous chemicals out of kids’ reach. If you have toddlers, childproofing your home would mean a significant difference to your children’s safety.

“They are always on their screens.”

Just as much as kids learn from their parents, they also learn a lot from their environment. It pays to know who they hang out with, what they are doing, and what they are watching on their gadgets.

Experts discourage screen exposure in children under two years of age. TV viewing should also be limited to two hours per day for children over two years old.

Aside from limiting their screen time, suggest fun outdoor activities that will encourage your kids to lay off their gadgets. You can organize picnics with their friends or play Frisbee in the park. There are so many things you can do!

“They get sick all the time.”

Your kids can’t be healthy all the time. But if they get sick too often, you should keep their doctor in the loop. Routine doctor’s visits, which include dental and eye exams, will help you get professional advice on keeping your child healthy. They will also help detect any health problems early through necessary medical equipment to better the chances of treatment.

A preventive step that will protect your children from certain illnesses is vaccination. Keep track of your kids’ vaccinations by visiting their doctor regularly.

Challenges in Keeping Your Child Healthy: Challenge Accepted!

Challenges in Keeping Your Child Healthy You can’t always guarantee your children’s health and safety, especially as they grow older. But putting in your best effort to protect them shall go a long way. Everything they will be when they grow up is a result of how you treated and cared for them since birth. Make it count.

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