Tips to Use When Searching for a Family Home

Finding a home that is ideal for your growing definitely a feat. Check out these great tips to use for searching for a family home

Unless you plan to do a renovation, you should look for a house that you can live in for the next five or so years.

If you have children, you need to look at the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as how the house will work for a curious child.

Here are some things that you should consider when searching for a family home:

Tips to Use When Searching for a Family Home

Age of the Neighbors

One of the benefits of buying a home is that you can choose your neighbors and create a true sense of community. Although neighbors of any age can be lovely, you should choose a neighborhood with other young families to create a child-friendly environment.

Outdoor Space

When you are childless and living the single life, houses such as apartments for rent in financial district in New York will work fine. However, once you have children, you need to look for homes with plenty of outdoor space. The downside to buying a house with an outdoor space is that you will have to maintain it.


Make sure that you look at the public schools in the area before you even consider moving. If your kids are preschool age, you also need to check the nanny day care options in the neighborhood. Once you check these boxes, you should look into the school transport because not all houses qualify for the bus service.

Smart Home Technology

In the past, only high-end houses such as luxury apartments for rent in Bellevue WA in Hyde Square had smart technology. However, smart home technology has become more affordable and mainstream, making it possible for most people to afford it. If you have young children, the ability to control lighting and night-lights from your phone will make life easier.

Finding a home that is ideal for your growing definitely a feat. Check out these great tips to use for searching for a family home

Size of the Kitchen

Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, you need to make sure that it can fit your entire family. After all, you will be spending many hours in it with your children. You should look for a kitchen with an island, desk area, or dining area to make it easier to spend time in it with your family.

Playing Space

Is there a different room where your kids can play as you busy yourself with other chores? Although an open floor plan is ideal so that you can watch your kids from the kitchen, a designated playroom is good too. Without it, you will always be stepping on toys and your house will always look messy.

Storage Space

Children come with many items, including strollers and diaper bags. For this reason, you need to find a house with a laundry room or mudroom. If the storage space has its own entrance, that would be even better because your children can drop in their stuff before getting into the house. A foyer with enough storage space is a great alternative.


Even a perfect house will not look so perfect if you have to spend countless hours in traffic to get to it. You need to choose a house that is close to your workplace – this will allow you to prepare your children for school in the morning and read them a story before bedtime. Perform a test run from the house you are considering to your place of work during rush hour: use the means of transport that you will be using be it a bike, personal car, or public transport.

Tips to Use When Searching for a Family Home

When looking for a family friendly house, the above tips will come in handy. Whatever you do, make sure that you stick to your budget to avoid running into financial problems much later.


Alicia Trautwein is an autism parenting coach living in Missouri. She is the creator behind The Mom Kind, a website dedicated to parenting neurodiverse families.  She is featured in the "Amazing Moms" coffee table book by Hogan Hilling & Dr. Elise Ho.  She shares her expertise along with her experience in parenting children, both with and without autism.

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