How Does Your Beauty Sleep Help Cure Your Acne

Does sleep play an important role in skincare?


Sleep may sound irrelevant to acne problems, but it’s not! In fact, it is a key factor in skin recovery. A healthy nap-time coupled with proper medication can cure your acne twice as fast.

How Does Your Beauty Sleep Help Cure Your Acne

If you feel like your acne isn’t getting any better despite using all sorts of acne treatments, prescription medication, and home remedies, you might need to take a good look at your sleep schedule. Sleep is a healing process, and its deficiency can cause significant disturbances in your body. Therefore, good sleep is as important as the prescription in your acne treatment.

The quickest way to treat sleep-deprived acne is to sleep for 7-8 hours daily. A variety of sleeping aids available can also help improve your sleeping patterns and get quality sleep.

d irrelevant to acne problems, but it's not! In fact, it is a key factor in skin recovery. A healthy nap-time coupled with proper medication can cure your acne twice as fast. #skincare #sleephealth #health

Sleep Deprivation and Acne

Around 85% of young adults struggle with acne worldwide because most said age group has unhealthy sleeping habits. However, if you struggle with insomnia or other sleep issues, then visit your GP.

Sleep deprivation is a critical factor that causes stress in the body. Under pressure, your body experiences a spike in cortisol, the primary stress hormone, which leads to inflammation and a rise in sebum production. Increased sebum clogs pores, resulting in acne breakouts, pimples, and poorly textured skin.    

Aside from causing hormonal imbalance, inadequate sleep increases your risk of getting acne by directly affecting your immune system. Poor sleep also slows down the body’s regeneration and healing process, which impairs the ability of your skin to repair and rejuvenate effectively.

Furthermore, poor mental health is one of the significant outcomes of lack of sleep. Depression and anxiety are one of the main factors that increase your risk of having acne-prone skin.

Besides, acne itself can become a significant cause of distress and anxiety. It affects one’s perception of appearance, which induces an inferiority complex and low self-esteem. It has been noted that adult women with acne suffer more than adolescent women with acne experience. This inferiority complex may cause people to develop unhealthy habits, like nail-biting, lip-biting, or peeling off the skin. All the frustration coupled with overthinking can lead to insomnia.

A sleep-deprived person develops a pale complexion, dark circles, puffy eyes, and a swollen face. Consequently, sleep-deprived people are considered less attractive, according to studies. Unfortunately, most people tend to avoid individuals who seem unappealing. This kind of social disturbance causes depression, isolation, and loneliness, harming their mental health, disrupting, and insufficient sleep. 

Good Sleep Means Good Skin

It’s crucial to have a healthy sleeping routine if you want your acne gone and have healthy-looking skin. According to The National Sleep Foundation, adults should sleep at least 7 to 9 hours every night.

For better understanding, here are some ways in which your beauty sleeps benefits your skin:

  • Your body releases growth hormones during sleep. These hormones assist the body’s repair process, which heals and restores skin.
  • Sound sleep ensures the healthy production of cytokines in the body. Cytokines are molecules that strengthen your immune system against infections, including the ones which affect the skin.
  • Sleeping early reduces stress and improves blood flow throughout the body. Healthy blood flow helps your skin to repair faster and also prevents premature aging of the skin. 
  • Sleeping well reduces dark circles and eye bags underneath your eyes. It also helps relieve the puffiness resulting from fluid retention in the soft tissue (localized oedema) around the eyes. Under-eye circles usually get worse after a sleepless night or a high-sodium meal. The purplish hue is due to the muscle beneath the lower eyelid.
d irrelevant to acne problems, but it's not! In fact, it is a key factor in skin recovery. A healthy nap-time coupled with proper medication can cure your acne twice as fast. #skincare #sleephealth #health
  • Sleep helps improve skin elasticity and prevents premature aging of the skin by maintaining the water content. Good moisture levels strengthen the skin barrier and increase resistance against disease-causing microbes, dust particles, and harmful UV rays. Since sleeping promotes the body’s repair mechanism, women with a healthy sleeping schedule have a 30% higher skin barrier recovery than insufficient sleep.
  • People who follow a good sleep schedule often recover relatively quickly from facial redness caused by ultraviolet radiation.
  • Since sleep is beneficial to your mental health, it boosts your mood and perception. Studies have demonstrated that women who sleep well are more confident and appreciative of their looks than sleep-deprived. This also influences their acceptance in the world.

How Beauty Sleep Help Cure Your Acne

Following a good sleep routine is as essential as practicing a good skincare routine. Try to find a sleep schedule that works best for you. It takes time, no doubt, but with patience, practice, and some professional help if needed, you’ll be able to sleep well and achieve your dream of having beautiful glowing skin. 

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