Two Perfect Easter Gifts for Kids

Two Perfect Easter Gifts for Kids

With Easter fast approaching, it is time to get those baskets ready. I have always enjoyed making the kids Easter packages as opposed to buying pre-made ones.  It gives a much more personal touch (and a lot less candy!).  Today we are going to talk about two perfect Easter Gifts for kids!

Personalized gifts are some of my all time favorite gifts.  Whether it is personalized with a name, or just something that is design with the recipient in mind, I just love these kind of gifts.

Looking for a great gift for Easter? Check out these two perfect Easter gifts for kids. Snuggle Bunny, Book, and Thank you Lord for Everything Book

Disclaimer: We received these products in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions expressed our ours, true and honest.

Two Perfect Easter Gifts for Kids

We have checked out other products in the past from ISeeMe! that we absolutely loved. So getting to check out more, I was already confident we would love them!

These two adorable products are absolutely perfect for Easter gifts for kids.  I fully admit I fell in love with little man’s snuggle bunny!  It was so soft and sits perfectly on a dresser (or hugged while he sleeps!).

My Snuggle Bunny Gift Set: 

I can honestly say I absolutely loved the snuggle bunny gift set!  The bunny was so soft, and the book was so sweet!

An adorable snuggle bunny counts 10 ways that it loves your child, in this beautifully illustrated storybook. Includes the book plus a cuddly plush bunny by Jellycat for the child to snuggle with!

Thank You Lord, For Everything:

Little man really like this book.  He was able to understand most of it, and loved all the beautiful illustrations.  Remind your little ones of God’s great blessings and everything they have to be thankful for in this personalized edition of Thank You, Lord, For Everything.

Perfect Easter Gifts for Kids

These two amazingly sweet products are perfect Easter gifts for kids, or for any time of year!  By personalizing them, these books create a connection with your child and a beautiful keepsake!  Make sure to check out these and all the other great products at ISeeMe!

Looking for a great gift for Easter? Check out these two perfect Easter gifts for kids. Snuggle Bunny, Book, and Thank you Lord for Everything Book
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