Dental Implants vs Crowns: Is the Distinction Too(th) Thin?

A smile is a beautiful thing. But for 1/3 of Americans, smiling can cause embarrassment.

Stained, decayed, or even missing teeth can prevent you from living your life to the fullest. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do!

Dental Implants vs Crowns: Is the Distinction Too(th) Thin?

Dental implants and crowns are two great ways that your dentist can help you restore your smile. But what are the differences between the two, and which is right for you?

For a breakdown of all things dental implants vs crowns, make sure to keep reading!

What are Dental Implants?

So, what are dental implants, anyway, and what are they made of?

Dental implants are made from a hypoallergenic metal called titanium. Its durability and compatibility with tissue and bone make it a standard option for medical use, as seen in other procedures like hip and knee replacements.

During the dental implant process, small screws are attached to the bone where your teeth take root. The screws, serving as anchors for your new implant, slowly meld with the bone, as noted in this fantastic breakdown of Dental Implants.

Once the implants take root, you can cake for them as you would your organic teeth. Given titanium’s longevity, your implants should last decades.

What are Crowns?

In contrast to dental implants, crowns don’t require a surgical procedure. Think of a crown as a covering for your tooth.

With that said, that covering is made from a variety of strong materials like porcelain and nickel, so damaging a crown is quite tricky.

A dentist may recommend a crown if your tooth has a cavity too large to fill, or if your tooth is chipped or an abnormal shape. Moreover, dentists can fit a crown to your specific tooth, meaning there’s no concern of an incongruent look.

That goes for your enamel’s coloring, too! Crowns tend to be more customized than dental implants, allowing for a more natural look.

Which is Best?

It’s clear that in the battle between dental crowns vs implants, both have their uses. But which is best for your needs?

Mainly, that’s going to depend on several factors—namely, price and your specific dental needs.

Dental crowns can cost between $800 and $1700 per crown, whereas implants cost $1000 to $3000 on average, making crowns a more affordable option. With that said, you’ll need to consider how many crowns you’d need and compare that to how many implants your dentist recommends.

While the cost of implants is higher upfront, the procedure may be more affordable if you need multiple crowns.

Likewise, if your tooth is damaged beyond repair, dental implants are more often than not the best course of action. While a crown can cover up cavities and enamel damage, the tooth may continue to decay beneath the crown.

Dental Implants vs Crowns: Get Your Smile Back

So, dental implants vs crowns: which is better? Ultimately, that’s a question for your dentist.

Make an appointment soon, and discuss your specific needs. They’ll be able to give you a better idea of pricing, too.

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  • It’s great to know that dental implants, when done correctly, can last up to decades and restore your regular eating functions. This could be the solution to my problems since I’ve had an accident that required one of my largest teeth to be extracted, and I still have a long life ahead of me. I’ll look for any dental implant experts right away so I can have them help me out.

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