Cool As A Cucumber: How Some People Manage To Beat Anxiety

Beat Aniexty

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to live without any anxiety? They seem to float through life without feeling the slightest twinge of apprehension about upcoming events. Instead, no matter the stressor, they are always themselves. 

How to Beat Anxiety

So what’s their secret? That’s a good question. Some people manage to beat anxiety and live their lives as if nothing that happens to them matters. But how do they do it? 

So what’s their secret? That’s a good question. Some people manage to beat anxiety and live their lives as if nothing that happens to them matters. But how do they do it? #anxiety #mentalhealth #stress #stressrelief

Hang Out With People

People who manage to beat stress tend to hang out a lot with others. They spend a large amount of their time in groups with other people, which stimulates the production of health-promoting hormones, such as oxytocin. These, in turn, have an anxiety-reducing effect on the mind. In many cases, low-anxiety people will grab a few of their friends and go for a walk in the country. Or they will organize an impromptu evening at their home. 

Be More Playful

A lot of people take life very seriously. Everything that happens to them is a massive issue that creates potential negative emotions. Even the smallest things can become triggers. Through play, we can help beat anxiety.

Being more playful requires changing your perspective on life. Instead of seeing it as a lot of hard work, pressure and expectation, view it as something to be enjoyed. Once you shift to believing that the purpose of life is to have fun, your perspective on everything else changes. You suddenly realize that a lot of your fretting isn’t worth the bother. You can be a much happier and healthier human being if you let go of all the severity and pressure you put on yourself and enjoy the process. 

Being playful with kids and animals is a great way to remind yourself of what life is about. They have an unlimited ability to play, and they don’t spend their time worrying about whether they are successful enough or are “living their best life.” The thought doesn’t even enter their minds. They’re just enjoying themselves in whatever capacity they can and taking life in their stride. There’s no worry about whether they will get what they want or not. They never think in that direction. 

So what’s their secret? That’s a good question. Some people manage to beat anxiety and live their lives as if nothing that happens to them matters. But how do they do it? #anxiety #mentalhealth #stress #stressrelief

Meditate More

Meditation is an ancient tool to beat anxiety and for dealing with some of the ailments of the human heart. And it’s highly effective too. Meditation shuts down the anxiety centers in your brain and opens you up to a new type of experience. When you meditate, you realize a gap between your thoughts and emotions and the person observing them. When you create this gap, it makes it easier for the mind to hum along without affecting the rest of you. You become calmer and more content with the way that things are. 

Meditation isn’t about trying to stop anxious thoughts – that’s impossible. It’s more about proving to yourself that you can let them go. A brain is a thought-generating machine, but those thoughts don’t have to become sticky, swirling around in your head. Instead, they can flake away, just like the rest of your emotions do. 

Be Mindful Of Your Breath

People who beat anxiety also tend to be mindful of how they breathe. Short, sharp, and shallow breaths that sit high in the chest are more conducive to worry than deeper, longer inhalations. 

But why is this? It’s all to do with the body’s nervous response to breathing. When you breathe in a shallow way, it prepares your system for an episode of panic. Blood pressure rises, and sugar in the blood also goes up. 

But when you breathe more deeply, it changes your biochemistry. Stress hormone levels fall, and you suddenly feel like you can take on the world. 

Many low-anxiety and successful people use breathing to help them get through challenging situations. By breathing deep into the abdomen, they can find greater calm which, in turn, improves their performance. 

Be Grateful

Anxiety often emerges when we feel like we are not on course to get what we want in life. Many people imagine that they need to be at a particular “stage” by a certain age and worry that it will never happen. 

Being grateful for what you have is a good antidote for this. You don’t have to be the most successful person in the room to enjoy yourself. You don’t have to be successful at all. In many cases, people who are cool as a cucumber don’t have any burning ambition. They take each day as it comes and enjoys it for what it is. 

Rethink Your Stress

Sometimes, reading quotes about anxiety can help change your perspective on how you feel. Often, you can gain intellectual insights that you can then apply to change your thought processes. 

For instance, recognizing that everything in life is in a state of freefall is a great place to start. Nothing in the world is certain – and everything is going to come to a crashing end eventually. Once you understand this, you realize that there’s no point clinging to anything. You might as well go all out and see what happens, and see if it helps you beat anxiety. 

So what’s their secret? That’s a good question. Some people manage to beat anxiety and live their lives as if nothing that happens to them matters. But how do they do it? #anxiety #mentalhealth #stress #stressrelief

Change Your Diet

Low-anxiety people also tend to eat excellent diets. They know that the food they put in their bodies radically alters how they feel. And they understand that they can only perform to a high level if they put the correct fuel in their bodies. 

Certain foods, especially junk foods, create inflammation. This inflammatory process then interacts with the brain, physically causing people to feel more anxious. Unfortunately, many people perceive this as a trigger to medicate with more unhealthy food. But the trick to getting out of an anxious cycle is often to eat better. If you can eat more whole grains and sources of omega 3, such as flax, you can radically improve how you feel to the point where you feel like a different person. 

Make Sleep A Priority 

Not sleeping enough is another primary driver of today’s current epidemic of anxiety. People are up at all hours during the night, and it is playing havoc with their internal chemistry. Sleep, therefore, is essential to beat anxiety.

If you can, try creating a sleep schedule for yourself. Here you rigorously enforce sleep and wake times so that your body gets used to the routine. You avoid caffeine in the evenings, and you always give yourself plenty of time to unwind, relax and generally settle yourself before bed. 

Declutter Your Brain And Environment

Decluttering your brain and surroundings is another top tip to beat anxiety. 

When you take, try to take a break from thoughts. Do something meditative that gets you into a state of flow, such as playing a musical instrument or painting. 

Also, look for ways to reduce clutter in your environment. Research repeatedly shows that a cluttered environment generates stress in the brain unconsciously. The more detritus in our surroundings, the more the unconscious has to process and feel threatened. 

Cool As A Cucumber: How Some People Manage To Beat Anxiety

Most people who feel calm all the time live in peaceful and tidy surroundings. They do the dishes instead of allowing them to build up. And they have a system for dealing with their laundry and the rest of their clothes. 

We know from observation that some people are virtually anxiety-free, but we don’t talk that much about how they do it. It’s nothing generic or magical. Instead, being a low-anxiety person requires doing life in the right way. Changing your thought patterns and making your body healthier can help a great deal to beat anxiety. 

By The Mom Kind

Alicia Trautwein is an Autism advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mom of four. Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. Her life’s mission is to educate on autism acceptance and change the world for future generations of autistic individuals.

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