Rachel Hudson

Rachel H. is a consultant in children's health. She has contributed extensively to children's health, with publications appearing in various leading journals. When she is not attending to children's health matters, you'll find her playing tennis and hiking.
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Children Heath: Sun Safety Tips For Kids

Children Heath: Sun Safety Tips For Kids

For children to be children, they have to engage in many well-known outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, swimming, soccer, trampoline jumping, building sandcastles, beach racing, etc. Through all these, they are exposed to the sun, whose ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage the more the exposure. Why Sun Protection Is Important A few sunburns can prepare the ground for skin cancers later in life. For that reason, you need to apply the tips about sun protection for babies. Again, remember that your kid can still get sunburns when right at home, so don't focus on protecting them only when…
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