Natasha Mathew

Natasha Mathew is part of the content development team at KinderPass, and creates content to empower parents so that they can actively contribute to the development of their 0-5-year-olds. As a mother of two, Natasha writes from her experiences, struggles, and learnings as a parent. In her free time, you can find her doing meal-prep and cooking healthy meals with her kids. She is also an art & craft ninja and an origami fanatic.
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Tips for Helping Your Teething Baby

Tips for Helping Your Teething Baby

As the weeks go by, your baby has so much to share through all the smiles and babbles. Before you know it, the toothless grins will sport tiny teeth that will surely make your heart skip a beat! This teething process is an important milestone in the growth and development of infants. Read on to have all your questions about teething as a part of newborn baby care answered. When does teething begin? Believe it or not, babies are born with all 20 primary teeth below their gum line. In most babies, these teeth begin to erupt and cut through…
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