MIchelle Laurey

Michelle is a child of two passionate Beatles fans, and she writes about the world that surrounds her. She loves sharing her experience with others and writing about relationships, productivity, and family life. Outside her keyboard, she enjoys a good book and slow urban strolls. Talk to her on Twitter.
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Top 6 Practical Tips for a Stronger Family Bond

Top 6 Practical Tips for a Stronger Family Bond

Your relationship with immediate family is essential for feeling happy, supported, and grounded. With the increased use of technology and the fast-paced way of life, many people experience losing touch with their loved ones. These things can make you or your family members lonely. If you are looking for ways to strengthen the bonds with family members, these six tips for a stronger family bond will help! Tips for a Stronger Family Bond 1. Get Involved in Games Sharing the house doesn't guarantee a happy family. Do you interact with your loved ones as much as you'd wish? Can you…
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