Lisa Taylor

Lisa R. Taylor is a 32-year-old self-driven specialist who enjoys blogging in the IT field. She writes and manages Subjecto. She is kind and considerate, but can also be very evil and a bit stingy. Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, She has a post-graduate degree in literature. Her hobbies are writing, sports, website management. She inspired by traveling.
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Father’s Role in Raising an Autistic Daughter

Father’s Role in Raising an Autistic Daughter

Autism is a disorder that is usually diagnosed in early childhood. However, it is not a pediatric condition. It is life long and brings many difficulties and challenges to both the affected child and parents. The care that a mother shows for her autistic child is different than what a father can offer. Also, the bond between a mother and her child becomes stronger after a diagnosis. The autistic child becomes dependent on her mother, which makes many people think that the father is inexistent in the process. Contrary to the common belief, a father’s role is essential in a…
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