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Katrina is a hardworking individual who always gives her best. As a degree holder, she aspires to establish herself within the media industry. Her passion for everything fashion and adventure made her a go-getter. Expert in building an online partnership, she’s been working in the digital marketplace for several years.
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7 Tips On Teaching a Toddler to Brush Their Teeth

7 Tips On Teaching a Toddler to Brush Their Teeth

toddler independently brush her own teeth in the bathroom looking at the mirror After two years of holding of brushing your toddler’s teeth, now is the perfect time to pass on the responsibility. It is time to pass the brush off to your child.  For many parents, this is a new and exciting experience.  This moment does leave many parents asking about tips for teaching a toddler how to brush their teeth.  Today, we are going to go over seven amazing tips to make this fun for both parent and child! It is important to teach toddlers how to brush…
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