Hannah George

I am Hannah George, a parenting and tech blogger, coffee addict and full-time mom. I have a degree in Journalism and Modern Greek Studies from San Francisco State University. When I am not writing, I go out biking on long trails. I live in San Francisco with my 11-year old daughter and a pet cat Sushi.
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How to Make the Internet a Safer Place for your Child

How to Make the Internet a Safer Place for your Child

Raising children in today's world is much different than it was even a decade ago.  Access to the internet starts at such an early age.  With tablets, phones, computers, and even chatting through game system, the internet is actually at their finger tips at any given time! So how do you make the internet a safer place for your child? Today's guest poster, Hannah George, shares some of her best tips for being a parent in the 21st century! Make Internet a Safer Place for Your Child Agreed, the internet is a remarkable source of education for our kids but…
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