Becca Schwartz

Becca Schwartz is a certified personal trainer who loves helping others meet and exceed their fitness goals.  She is a mother of two beautiful children and runs a blog called Drench.
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Exercise & Children:  Can Kids Use Treadmills?

Exercise & Children: Can Kids Use Treadmills?

Treadmills have become stable part to people's lives when it comes to doing exercise. Some people even have treadmills at home (such as the FitnessVerve). However, Treadmills represent a great security peril around youngsters. So the big question is, can kids use treadmills? It is recommended to guard kids from using the treadmill unless they are around appropriate supervision. The Dangers of the Treadmill The moving belt of a treadmill can cause erosion wounds or ensnare little fingers, hair, and dress if youngsters play around on the moving belt. The scratches kids may get from the treadmill belt can be…
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