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Parenting is the coolest job ever but also the toughest. I, Alvina Emmy, a mother of two am on a quest to understand the psyche of today's kids, how we can improve our parenting techniques and what it takes to be a good parent. I'm also a storyteller who has lots of wild and crazy parenting stories to share with the world. Check out my site to take a peek.
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5 Quick Diaper Rash Remedies That Actually Work

5 Quick Diaper Rash Remedies That Actually Work

Diaper rashes can be a pain in the buttocks, both literally and figuratively. The house is a complete shambles when babies screech in pain and us, the parents, have no idea what to do about it. When my baby had rashes, he would get so fussy that changing his diapers, feeding and putting him to sleep became impossible. Watching my junior suffering like this made my life a living hell. And the worst part is, diaper rashes are inevitable. No matter how many times I changed the diapers in a day, switched the brands, red rashes would pop up out…
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