7 Guilt-Free Healthy Halloween Recipes

If you have been searching for Healthy Halloween Recipes, then you are in luck!  Check out these 7 delicious and guilt-free Halloween treats! #halloweenrecipes #halloweenparty #halloween

If you have been searching for Healthy Halloween Recipes, then you are in luck! Check out these 7 delicious and guilt-free Halloween treats!

It’s already that time of the year when many forms of pumpkins and ghoulish decorations line houses and streets. All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween is usually celebrated on October 31, the day before All Saints’ Day. Many people look forward to this holiday for the candies, trick or treats, and parties.

A massive quantity of candies and treats are usually bought and consumed around this time of the year. Consuming too many sweets can be a problem, especially with obesity being an epidemic in the US. Thankfully, solutions are being enforced to help stem this deadly disease.

7 Guilt-Free Healthy Halloween Recipes

Obesity-preventive programs can only do so much to help spread the word that food can both be healthy and delicious. You can do your part by preparing fun foods that are nutritious. Here are seven Guilt-Free Healthy Halloween Recipes for your next Halloween party.

If you have been searching for Healthy Halloween Recipes, then you are in luck!  Check out these 7 delicious and guilt-free Halloween treats! #halloweenrecipes #halloweenparty #halloween

1. Chicken and Rice Jack-o’-Lantern Bell Peppers

This recipe was created to utilize taco chicken and rice leftovers. The addition of orange bell peppers carved to look like mini jack-o’-lanterns were a stroke of genius because they look perfect for any Halloween celebration. It may take a little bit of time to carve the peppers, but it will be oh-so-worth-it and fun when you make it together with children or adults who are kids at heart.

Chicken and rice may not be the healthiest, but they’re leagues above junk foods. It is recommended to use slow-cooked chicken for this dish. You can add shredded cheddar cheese or any topping you want, as well.

Chicken and Rice Jack-o’-Lantern Bell Peppers by Everyday Jenny

2. Fried Babybel Cheese

When it comes to parties, Halloween is our favorite get together time!  With my hubby’s birthday being just one day after Halloween, we are in party mode for a few days straight!  Our favorite treat for Halloween get together is this Mini Babybel® Fried Cheese Rounds recipe! While this may not sounds healthy at first glance, the ingredients used make this the perfect fried treat to not feel guilty about

Halloween snacking is made so much more fun and easier with Mini Babybel® cheeses!   The Mini Babybel® Original with the Halloween cellos make this grab and go snack fun!  We love to put one in the kid’s lunch boxes during the week and I love eating them with some vegetables and crackers for a quick meal during the day!

Even if you’re not making these awesome Mini Babybel® Fried Cheese Rounds, Mini Babybel® Cheese is the perfect go-to snack for the Halloween (and any) season!  

3. Chocolate and Matcha Graveyard Dirt Smoothie

If you haven’t already known, matcha is both tasty and nutritious. As a superfood, it has a unique, earthy flavor profile that goes great when paired with other foods, including chocolate. Matcha is traditionally drunk as a tea, and as its popularity soared, enthusiasts have come up with many ways to enjoy it, including using powdered green tea in smoothies.

This chocolate and matcha smoothie recipe can be a great way to start the morning and as a fun and healthy Halloween-party drink. Its wholesome ingredients, including cacao powder and avocados, are natural sources of energy boosters. The main ingredients can be styled to look like a mini graveyard in a cup with a chocolate cookie propped to look like a headstone.

Chocolate and Matcha Graveyard Dirt Smoothie from the Amazing Folks at Simple Quinoa

4. Apple Monster Teeth

A great way to incorporate apples into a fun snack is to make them look like pairs of spooky and cute monster teeth. In this recipe, you can use any apples, preferably medium-size Granny Smith apples that are cut into eight sections. For the teeth, you can use almonds or marshmallows.

To assemble the whole look, pair two slices, and stick everything together using creamy peanut butter. Not only are these perfect finger foods for a party, but they are filling and healthy, too.

Spooky-Cute Monster Teeth Recipe by Vita Cost

5. Pumpkin-Shaped Cheese Quesadilla

Cheese quesadillas are quick, reliable, and super tasty. Using a thin flatbread makes it easy to carve the designs you want. Make it fit your Halloween party by carving out a jack-o’-lantern.

The holes for the eyes and mouth make the cheese stand out even more. You can use mozzarella or shredded Monterey jack or any melty cheese that you want. This recipe calls for ordinary flatbread only, but you can go the extra mile to make it look like a pumpkin by dyeing it.

If you have been searching for Healthy Halloween Recipes, then you are in luck!  Check out these 7 delicious and guilt-free Halloween treats! #halloweenrecipes #halloweenparty #halloween
Mummy Flatbread Pizza by Lilluna

6. Halloween Fruit Kebabs

Giving styled fruits to your guests or children is a great way to balance out the junk food and candies during the holiday. Take advantage of the seasonal fruits that are bountiful during this time of the year, like strawberries and melons.

The key to making fruit kebabs appealing is to cut the fruits in small and manageable pieces and arranging them attractively in skewers. To add a spooky but cute vibe, you can add marshmallows designed to look like ghosts in your kebabs as well.

7. Spooky Cheese and Crackers

Use Halloween-themed cookie cutters to shape slices of cheese to ghosts, bats, and pumpkins. Cheese and crackers are staple party foods, and you can elevate the presentation by adding these thoughtful little touches to delight your guests.

7 Guilt-Free Healthy Halloween Recipes

As you can see, these spooktacular treats are the perfect guilt-free Healthy Halloween recipes for your next Halloween party!

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