5 Small Business Ideas for Vacant Land

Starting a business gives you the chance to make your own schedule and work in a way that benefits your family. Do you have an empty lot of land that you are looking to turn into reoccurring revenue?  Maybe you are looking to invest in a property that is currently at a fantastic price?  If so, this article is for you!  Check out these five small business ideas for vacant land!


There are many great ways to turn that plot of land into a fantastic business.  One way is to open a horse stable.  Set up a fabric structure like the ones at https://calhounsuperstructure.com/  to turn into a horse stable.  With options to insulate, attach barns, or add wash bays or tack rooms, these structures can be as broad or as high as you need! You can choose to run the stable yourself or rent out to others needing a place to keep their beloved horses!

Sports Arena

Setting up sports fields is a great small business idea for vacant land! You can have areas that you rent out to schools or for events, or you can open up a business that is open every day during the season.

There are multiple ways to go when it comes to the sports field.  More traditional routes are soccer and football fields. You could also go for more extreme sports and open a gun or archery range.  Just make sure you stock up with the right supplies, like the best hunting crossbow or soccer goals.

Are you looking to invest in a property that is currently at a fantastic price? Check out these five small business ideas for vacant land!

Go Kart Track

There is just something nostalgic and exciting about jumping in a go-kart and zipping around the track.  Go-kart racing is a family-friendly recreational activity that is perfect for all ages.  It draws in crowds that are both casual and competitive racers. While there may be a lot of steps included to open your own track, it is the perfect small business opportunity for the young at heart!

Dog Show Arena

Opening a Dog Show Arena is a great small business idea for vacant land.  Dog shows bring in quite a bit of money, as the dog owners spend substantial funds in entering contests and maintaining their dog’s appearance and discipline. 

Unfortunately, dog shows are not booked every day of the year.  However, you can open up your facility on the off days for dog training and grooming.  Many groomers offer deshedding for dogs, which is a service needed for most pets.

Event Rentals

If you happen to have some land in the country, barns are the new craze when it comes to wedding venues.  No matter the location of your property or buildings currently in place, areas to rent for weddings, bar mitzvahs, reunions, and more are always in need.

Small Business Ideas for Vacant Land

No matter what you do with you decide to do with your land, taking on a small business can be a huge endeavor. Check out this great on managing a small business as a mompreneur.

We hope you enjoyed these five great business ideas for vacant land.  For more great articles, come back to check out our blog often!

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