10 Woodworking Projects for Beginners


When it comes to home décor, I love the idea of repurposing old furniture and creating new ones by hand.  I have only been dabbling in woodworking for a very short time, but I absolutely love what I have been able to accomplish so far.  When it comes to ideas of what to make though, I am at a loss. Thankfully, our friend Sury has lent is her expertise once again, given us these ideas for 10 woodworking projects for beginners.


10 Woodworking Projects for Beginners





Want to try your hands on some wood working projects? Then perhaps these 10 woodworking projects for beginners will be of assistance to you. This article, which is especially directed towards those new in the craft, aims to give ideas about 10 woodworking projects. And once you get hold of these, being creative with wood will become your latest interest.


Before You Start

But before you start on with the project, there are certain things that you should be careful about. They are:


  • Woodworking can be a dangerous activity as it involves sharp tools and power machines. Therefore, you need to be careful about handling those and follow certain basic safety rules, in order to eliminate any kind of risks.
  • You must have a clear idea as to what tools and what machinery will be required in order to make the projects that you aspire to create come true. You must purchase them beforehand after being sure that the model you have chosen is good.
  • Another important thing in case of woodworking is the selection of lumber. A lot of substandard materials are available in the market and the trick is to avoid them and find the finer one.
  • Apart from the tools, there are also certain accessories required in order to make a wood working project successful. You are also required to assemble those, before you start on the project.


Once, you have thoroughly considered the above given points, you are ready for the commencement of your woodworking project. Given below are the top 10 woodworking projects for beginners:


10 Woodworking projects for beginners



10 Woodworking Projects for Beginners





Skateboard Rack

Skateboards are hard to stack and if you are a skateboarder, you know very well about it. But if you can build a sturdy and stable skateboard rack, then all your problems will be solved. They are quick and easy to make, and if the rack can be enlarged, then it can hold a trio of snowboards. It is especially beneficial for the beginners for you will get acquainted with some drilling mechanisms and that of the bandsaw, and your layout skills will also get improved.


Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is a very good idea, if you want a place to keep your accessories, watches and other stuffs likes that safely in one. A fine-lined jewelry box can also be an innovative gift idea. It is a good project for the beginners for you will learn how to make minor cuts, apply the felt liner and how to do biscuit joinery. These lessons will help you in your future woodworking projects.


Wineglass Display Shelf

Wineglass display shelf is an important part of the kitchen or living-room bar. But if you do not want a traditional round wineglass display, then it will be a good idea to build this simple thing. It is very simple to create and will consist of four simple parts.


CD Rack

CDs, if kept in an organized manner rather than stored in piles, will not only look good, but will also be easy for you to search for them. CD racks are easy to build and you will require a traditional cross-halving joint to make the rack which can hold almost 35 of your CDs. If you need more, you will just have to make more racks.


Table Hockey

Some of our beginners may have played table hockey at some point. Not only is it a great plan, but also the structure of the rink is very easy to replicate. If you want, you can make one for yourself without buying an expensive one from the market. It requires very little effort and some simple joints – this is one of the ideal woodworking projects for the beginners.


Shaker-Inspired Magazine Rack

Magazine racks are an essential part of the home décor, if you want to tidily arrange the magazines. The Shaker-inspired magazine rack is not only easy to create, but also a great match with your interior design.


Shaker-Style Coat and Mitten Rack

This rack can be used for a good storage purpose for your coats and mittens. It looks simple and is easy to build. You can consider this to be a gift item also.


Collectibles Shelf

You keep on purchasing decorative items for your home, but most often in the absence of a good show shelf, they get unnoticed. A collectible shelf is not only very simple to make but is also a perfect way to show off your collections. It requires two Shaker pegs to make and this shelf can also be used to keep your scarves and hats.


Fishing Pole Rack

When you take care of everything in your home, then why should the fishing rods and reels be left alone? You can have a special rack for them and make their storage quite easy. Beginners will find it simple to build and it will look good anywhere you keep it.


Nesting Trays

When you are serving snacks to your guests, you want to present it in an elegant manner. These sturdy nesting trays are really very simple. The simplification can be credited to the template-routed handles and simple rabbeted corner joints which are used in the making of it.



These 10 ideas are great woodworking projects for beginners.  Apart from these, you can also try out the Candle Stands, Whittled Peg Rack, or Stackable Shelves and many more from Cut The Wood. But in order to make a woodworking project, you must have a detailed plan in front of you. This will further boost your confidence and augment your working style.

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